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Speaking Topics

At LAA Pros, we utilize our combined experience and strengths to:

  • Role-play subject matter and actively involve the audience

  • Use short breakout sessions to gauge participants’ initial thoughts and address concerns

  • Provide a quick reference or other materials to help implement the subject matter

We use real-life scenarios and stories for you to LEARN the concepts, provide interactive and engaging exercises to APPLY what you have learned, and provide resources for you to ACHIEVE improved results.

We do webinars and virtual classes.

Image from a training session

The Fallacy of Multitasking 
and its 
Impact on Project Management

PMI PDU Category: Ways of Working

In this fast-moving society that we live in, it has become a trend to constantly juggle multiple tasks. Technology allows for quick communication methods making multitasking so easy that at times don’t even realize we are multitasking. It is almost second nature for us. Attend this session to understand how multitasking impacts us as project managers and how we manage our human resource capacity. 

In this interactive session, you will:

  • Identify the impacts of multitasking on you as a project manager

  • Determine the best strategies for improving your capacity as a Project Manager

  • Recognize the impacts of multitasking on your project teams' capacity.

  • Develop strategies to increase human resource capacity on your projects

Beyond Stakeholder Management:
The IEAS Stakeholder Relationship Model

It's commonly known that stakeholder identification and management are key project deliverables, however, what’s not commonly practiced is building stakeholder relationships. What do we mean by “relationship” you may ask? In nutshell, it breaks down into four stages. Identification, Engagement, Alignment, and Sustainment.  


In this interactive session, you will learn about building stakeholder relationships by: 

  • Identifying the impacted stakeholders

  • Engaging them by onboarding on the change

  • Aligning with them on the project approach

  • Sustaining the relationship with them

photo of stakeholders shaking hands

PMI PDU Category: Ways of Working

From the Triple Constraint to the Triple Bottom Line:
Sustainable Project Management

Image of Triple Constraint
Image of Triple Bottom Line

Can you adopt sustainable project management practices while adding value?  Can one Project Manager make a difference? The answers are Yes.

Sustainable project practices are about more than “being green".  Sustainability requires that we look beyond the scope, schedule, and budget of the temporary project and consider the larger “Triple Bottom Line” that projects operate within. The triple bottom line evaluates performance in a broader perspective considering economic, ecological, and social impacts otherwise known as the 3Ps - Profit, Planet, and People. Project Managers are uniquely positioned to identify and lead the change that impacts your “Triple Bottom Line” while creating greater business value.  


Upon completion of this interactive session, you will be able to:  

  • Define Triple Bottom line, Triple Constraint, and Sustainability

  • Compare the Linear and Circular economic models

  • Explain reasons to manage projects sustainably

PMI PDU Category: Ways of Working

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