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Project Managemet


Project management is the map that guides your project team from start to finish, minimizing wrong turns and other hazards. LAA Pros has been providing project management services to clients for over 20 years. We’ve served non-profit, financial service, manufacturing, and higher education industries. Watch our video to learn more.

National DEC Overview eLearning screenshot of sample course


In eLearning the instruction and training are done through digital resources, such as computers, tablets and even smartphones connected to the internet. We ensure that your eLearning modules employ the latest trends including mobile-friendly design and video-based scenario learning. Our strategy focuses on active learning that demonstrates the real-world impact of various choices and gives learners an opportunity to gain experience from their mistakes by providing immediate feedback. The interactive and engaging experience allows learners to expand their knowledge and build their skill sets in a non-judgmental and risk-free environment.


Example: You Can Change the Long-Term Outcomes of Drug Endangered Children

 This course includes:

  • Pre and post-assessments to measure learning progress.

  • Course certificate upon a score of 80% or better.

  • Evaluation to measure course effectiveness and participant satisfaction.

  • Chunked design, breaking information into small, logical segments to make it easier to process and remember.

  • Ability to stop the course and return where they left off.   

  • Practice exercises with immediate feedback and the opportunity to try again.

  • Practice activities are centered on engaging real-world scenarios and responses.   

  • 360 virtual tour where learners are asked questions and make observations. 

  • Video interviews with subject matter experts.  

  • Glossary of Terms and printable resources 


*This course is available on the COPS (Grantor) E-Learning Training Portal and free to anyone.  Created by:  Clear Focus Media, LLC (Project Management, Script Writing), Milani Consulting, LLC (Instructional Design), The Post House Inc. (Video), Fox Valley Technical College (Storyline development) and National DEC (Grantee and SMEs).

Mobile Phone
Microlearning attributes


Microlearning is an educational strategy that breaks complex topics down into bite-size, stand-alone units of content. The content can be viewed as many times as necessary, whenever and wherever the learner has the need. The importance of microlearning has grown because the trend in media consumption has gradually moved to shorter lengths. Microlearning fits perfectly in this trend because the instructional modules are designed to be two to six minutes in duration and address one specific skill or knowledge gap topic.
There are four primary uses for microlearning.  

  1. Performance, for example, just-in-time instructions on a procedure such as filing an expense report

  2. Persuasive or educational marketing, for example, a video explaining a key concept and directing the learner to your products or services 

  3. Pre-instruction topics to level-set across diverse learners

  4. Post-instruction topics to reinforce learning after instruction and increase retention

View an example on YouTube:

Who are Drug Endangered Children?
In less than 5 minutes you can learn who drug endangered children are and why they need your help.


Our client uses this course for pre-instruction to level set a key concept prior to the formal in-person training as well as in educational marketing on social media, email newsletter and their mobile app. The incorporation of story interwoven with content and the use of audio narration increases engagement.  

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