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Project Management Training

At LAA Pros, we utilize our combined experience and strengths to:

  • Role-play subject matter and actively involve the participants

  • Use short breakout sessions to gauge participants’ initial thoughts and address concerns

  • Hold individual coaching and mentoring sessions

  • Provide quick references and templates to implement the subject matter

We use real-life scenarios and stories for you to LEARN the concepts, provide interactive and engaging exercises to APPLY what you have learned and provide resources for you to ACHIEVE improved results.

We provide customized virtual classes tailored to your unique organization's needs.

Project Management Fundamentals

In this customized course, you will apply the skills and tools necessary to design, implement and evaluate formal projects. You will work on a real project in a team setting. Bring your limited-scope work or personal project to work on during the course.  

In this course, you will: 

  • Realize the importance and value of managing projects

  • Assume the role of a project manager

  • Develop a project charter

  • Use relevant project management software

  • Work with project teams

  • Establish the proper sequence of tasks

  • Chart progress, respond to variation and changes

  • Develop a budget

  • Direct resources

  • Manage a project through its life cycle

  • Use Artificial Intelligence to create Project Management deliverables.

Image of Project Manager with sticky notes on a white board

PMI PDU Categories: Ways of Working, Power Skills, and Business Acumen

Example Customizable Course Syllabus

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