Fundamentals of Project Management for Small Businesses


We have taught this course at multiple businesses. Below are the cumulative results from the surveys done at the end:

  • Overall Satisfaction with the training – 100% - Satisfied or Very Satisfied

  • Instructor’s knowledge – 100% -  Agree or Strongly Agree

  • Engagement – 85% Strongly Agree

  • Good Investment of time in training – 90% Agree

  • Will recommend the training to others – 85% will recommend

LAA Pros

Beyond Learning


Our Goal

Kate and Nila founded LAA Pros (Learn, Apply, and Achieve) in 2019 with a goal to help the professional community bridge a gap between the knowledge received through professional seminars and the application of that knowledge to improve job performance.

Our Unique approach

We have been serving on the Speaker Selection Committee of the Project Management Institute Northeast Wisconsin chapter for over a decade. This allows us to follow our Project Management passion and precisely learn what the audience looks for in external speakers and trainers.  So now we utilize our combined experience and strengths to:

  • Role-play subject matter and actively involve the audience

  • Use short breakout sessions to gauge participants’ initial thoughts and address concerns

  • Provide a quick reference or other materials to help implement the subject matter

Multi-tasking PMI-NEW Context Game Novem

We use real-life scenarios and stories for you to LEARN the concepts, provide interactive and engaging exercises to APPLY what you have learned, and provide resources for you to ACHIEVE improved results.


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Chuck Sands, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP, Senior Project Manager

PMI-NEW chapter member and former PDD Director

The tag team of Kate Milani and Nila Vaishnav did an excellent job presenting “The Fallacy of Multitasking” at a recent PMI-NEW Chapter meeting. Their highly interactive style of learning kept the audience engaged and smiling throughout the session. Motivated by their unique and varied approach to learning, everyone left the session with tangible takeaways to apply in their personal and professional lives. I highly recommend the LAA Pros duo to speak at your event. 

Rue Wiegand, MS, MA, CSM
Strategic Project Manager & ScrumMaster

I had the opportunity to experience a presentation with Nila Vaishnav and Kate Milani on "The Fallacy of Multi-tasking" at a recent PMI-NEW Chapter meeting. I wanted to give kudos to this team for being highly engaging and interactive. They motivated the group by having the audience participate which not only got people up and moving, it proved to be entertaining as fellow Project Managers took on various roles of demanding stakeholders. The demonstration was highly effective as the activities were timed for improvements and accuracy. I left the presentation with takeaways that could be applied to my personal and professional life. I highly recommend the LAA Pros duo to speak at your event for a fun and interactive presentation.

Thank you for presenting on this topic! We project managers have the tremendous opportunity to incorporate the principles of sustainability, Triple Bottom Line, and circularity in all our projects, even if this isn't considered the primary objective. Ultimately TBL is good business and the right thing to do!

I will quote from your presentation "Sustainability requires that we look beyond the scope, schedule, and budget of the temporary project and consider the larger Triple Bottom Line that projects operate within."
It is so moral to be applied in practice. Thanks for the presentation.